Scream’s Ghost Face Gets Official Teaser as Next ‘Dead By Daylight’ Killer

Earlier this month some players of the game “Dead By Daylight” got a treat when a patch to the game accidentally released some future content ahead of schedule. That content included Ghost Face, the costume worn by the killers in the Scream franchise. A fix was quickly pushed to the game, but at the time developers basically confirmed that Ghost Face would be the game’s next killer. Today, the game’s developer released a teaser trailer featuring the new killer and announced a full Ghost Face reveal later this week.

Clearly, there were some creative freedoms taken with the character for the game, as this costume appears to be more leathery than the cotton or synthetic fiber Halloween costume we saw in the films, regardless, it’s exciting to see another iconic horror character added to the game.

The trailer also revealed that “Dead By Daylight” would be celebrating its 3 year anniversary with a full character reveal on Twitch this Friday, May 31, 2019 at 3PM EST.

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