Select Regal Cinemas to Screen Horror Movies This October for Horror Fest

Regal Horror Fest 2017

If you’re a fan of horror and you live near a Regal Cinema, you may be in for a treat this October.  Yesterday, Regal Cinemas kicked off Horror Fest 2017 with a special 40th anniversary showing of the 1977 classic, Suspiria.  The special month-long festival will play 12 horror classics over the course of 10 select days in October, including three days of double features, which will air two horror classics back to back.

Showings are scheduled for 7 PM Monday and Tuesday nights throughout the month of October with special double features being hosted on Monday, October 9, Monday, October 16, and Monday, October 23.  Single feature nights will host a second showing of the film at 10 PM.  Single feature tickets are just $5.00 per showing and double features will be $10 and include both movies.

Remaining movies for Regal Horror Fest 2017 include:

  • Tuesday, October 3 – Fright Night
  • Monday, October 9 – Double Feature: The Dead Zone / Pet Sematary
  • Tuesday, October 10 – The Monster Squad
  • Monday, October 16 – Double Feature: King Kong (1933) / Them!
  • Tuesday, October 17 – A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Monday, October 23 – Double Feature: Cat People / Videodrome
  • Monday, October 30 – Jaws
  • Tuesday, October 31 – The Shining

Regal’s Horror Fest 2017 is being hosted at 48 theaters across 24 states.  You can view a list of participating theaters here.

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