Skullface is Back in ‘Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill’

Skullface, the masked killer from Blue Wizard’s cult hit “Slayaway Camp,” is set to make his return later this month in “Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill.” Summoned from beyond the grave by some rowdy campers, Skullface is now trapped inside a familiar-looking streaming service. That means hundreds of potential new victims splattered across classic movie genres.

Choose to play as Skullface or choose from a murderous lineup of horror heavyweights like Gourd Head, the Killer Fridge, and Demon Doll. This gruesomely funny tribute to ’80s horror invites you to perfect the art of the scare. Maneuver through sliding block logic puzzles, find hiding spots, collect secret bonus machetes, and unleash grisly finishers to elevate your kills and escalate your score.

Rack up star ratings to unlock an expanding horror universe packed with new genres, settings, slayers, and stunts as you guide Skullface on his murderous media mission!

“Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill” will be available later this month exclusively for Netflix subscribers on Netflix.

Skullface and the first “Slayaway Camp” arrived in 2016 and was the precursor to Blue Wizard fan-favorite, “Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle,” which used similar game mechanics to “Slayaway Camp,” but starred Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th.”

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