Snapchat Announces ‘Dead of Night’ & ‘Stranded with Sam and Colby’ As Part of New Original Series Lineup Coming to the Platform

Snapchat, it used to be used solely to make you look like a dog or swap your face with someone else, but now the social media apps parent company Snap is getting into the original content game and during the Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles they announced 10 new shows, including a new zombie series called “Dead of Night” and a paranormal series called “Stranded with Sam and Colby.”

According to a press release “Dead of Night” tells the story of a teenage girl trying to escape a quarantined city full of zombies armed with only her phone. The show was created by Bazelevs, the company behind the Unfriended films and is based on a Hooked story.

Snap Original "Dead of Night" poster

Similar to the experience in Unfriended, “Dead of Night” was shot using ScreenLife and tells the story exclusively from the point of view of the phone screen.

In “Stranded with Sam and Colby,” two paranormal investigators go off the grid into a cursed Pennsylvania town. Abandoned for decades and choked by constant smoke from never-ending fires, what starts as a routine excursion quickly takes a terrifying turn.

Snap Original "Stranded with Sam and Colby" poster

Details on the new originals were slim, and no specific release date was revealed for the shows, but they join a growing lineup of original programming on the social media platform.

As I researched this piece I was intrigued to find that Snap had actually launched a couple of other shows last October that I was unaware of that might be of interest. The first is called “The Dead Girls Detective Agency,” which is a dark comedy that follows the story of a young woman who works from beyond the grave to determine how she died in an effort to avoid an eternity in purgatory. The second was “V/H/S,” an expansion of the V/H/S horror films, made for the mobile generation.

Get the details on these and all of the Snap Originals on the Snap Originals website.

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