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SNL Shares the ‘Us’ Version of a Discover Card Commercial

I don’t know who the horror fan in the SNL writers room is, but I’m definitely liking the horror-themed sketches popping up outside of Halloween season. Earlier this month we got a Scream parody, then there was Bok Bok, the terrifying Momo parody, and then last night, the show gave us an Us version of a Discover credit card commercial.

The sketch parodies the Discover “We treat you, like you’d treat you” commercials where the customer support rep on the other end of a call is portrayed by the same actor, and usually shares some sort of similarity to the caller on the other end.

Leveraging the doppelganger themes of the Discover card commercials and Jordan Peele’s latest horror film Us, SNL gave us “Discover From The Mind of Jordan Peele.”

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