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Spirit Halloween Announces the Return of its Sinister Gothic Gargoyle Animatronic

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On Thursday, Spirit Halloween continued its weeklong halfway-to-Halloween celebration with the announced return of its Sinister Gargoyle animatronic. First released in 2017 and last seen in 2019, this year’s release is no longer sinister nor gothic and is being referred to as “The Gargoyle.”

The 3.5-foot tall motion-activated animatronic features light-up eyes and mouth and plays the sounds of bells ringing and thunder. For an added spooky touch, you can attach the gargoyle to a fog machine, and fog will flow from his mouth.

Little seems to have changed with the gargoyle with this release, and it will be the perfect addition to your 2023 cemetery or goth-themed haunt or yard display. The Gargoyle Animatronic is available for purchase now from SpiritHalloween.com for $299.99.

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