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Spirit Halloween Announces the Return of Menacing Molly as Part of Weeklong Halfway to Halloween Celebration

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During day two of Spirit Halloween’s weeklong celebration leading up to the halfway point to Halloween, the Halloween retailer announced the return of its Menacing Molly animatronic.

Menacing Molly debuted in 2017 and was last sold by Spirit in 2018, and is a young girl sitting on a swing who strongly resembles Wednesday Addams, complete with a black collared dress and black pigtails. For 2023 Molly has received an updated face sculpt by makeup artist Tate Steinsiek and comes outfitted in a higher-quality dress design.

Like the original Menacing Molly, the 3.5-foot animatronic features motion and sound, rocking back and forth on her swing, saying one of four voice lines before bending backward to reveal her terrifying face. The new Molly’s sayings include:

  • “All alone again. I like being alone. I don’t need friends. (Body flip, screams) Until I need to feed again!”
  • Sometimes the other kids look right through me like I’m not even there. But you know what? (Body flip, screams) I can make them disappear, too!”
  • “Sometimes I pretend I’m the only kid left in the world. (Body flip, screams) And someday, I won’t be pretending anymore!”
  • (Sings) I see dead people, I see ghosts. I see the things that hate you the most! (Body flip, screams)” (this audio plays twice in rotation)

The new Menacing Molly animatronic is an online exclusive and is available for purchase now from SpiritHalloween.com for $189.99.

Spirit Halloween kicked off its weeklong halfway-to-Halloween celebration on Tuesday to celebrate the midway point to Halloween and kick off the brand’s 40th Halloween season. The Halloween retailer has promised plenty of surprises and a sneak peek of what’s to come for the 2023 season as part of the event.

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