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Spirit Halloween Debuts Michael Myers Animatronic on Same Day as New Halloween Trailer

Today’s a big day for Halloween fans.  Blumhouse finally dropped the trailer for the new Halloween movie and now Spirit Halloween has announced an all new 6 foot tall Michael Myers animatronic (Though he is apparently based on Halloween H20)

He’s back and out for blood! This Michael Myers animatronic is authentically designed to resemble the terrifying character and scare everyone that comes in contact. Playing the official Halloween theme song, all of your guests will be shocked with horror as the slasher moves his body from side to side while holding his butcher knife! If you’re a horror movie buff, this animatronic is a must-have addition to your Halloween scene.

The new animatronic is expected to ship on, or before August 30, 2018 and can be purchased for $259.99 on the Spirit Halloween website.

Spirit Halloween Michael Myers Animatronic
Spirit Halloween
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