Spooked Podcast Announces New Episodes, But There’s a Catch…

Spooked Podcast

I listen to a number of spooky podcasts, and one of my favorites is “Spooked,” the real-life supernatural stories podcast hosted by Glynn Washington from Snap Judgement and WNYC Studios. Historically, “Spooked” seasons begin in August or September with new episodes dropping regularly all the way up until Halloween. But today, the podcast took to social media to announce 26 new episodes were “coming soon.” As a podcast fan I was excited, but there is a bit of a catch…

As part of the announcement “Spooked” also revealed that the podcast was joining Luminary, a soon to be released podcast service. The Luminary app will be free and available on the web, iOS, and Android. However Luminary also offers a “Premium” service that allows you to listen to over 40 ad-free exclusive podcasts, one of which will be “Spooked.”

The price of Luminary’s “Premium” service isn’t prominently listed anywhere on their website, though it does stress that the “first month is always free.” A deep dive into the rules around their referral program did seem to allude that there was a Monthly Subscription Fee of $7.99 per month.

So the good news is, we may be getting new episodes of “Spooked” before Halloween. The bad news is, we might need to pay for it.

UPDATE: In a response from the Spooked Podcast on Facebook they confirmed details around show availability. The upcoming season of 26 episodes will be available as part of Luminary, but “Spooked specials will be available elsewhere.”

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