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Stranger Things: Demopets Coming Soon from Mighty Jaxx

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and have taken a liking to the series’ villains more than its main characters, you might be interested in a new Funboxx series from Mighty Jaxx; Stranger Things: Demopets.

Arriving just in time for the holiday, this new collection features six demo species and ultra-rare Eleven vinyl figures. From the flower-like Demogorgon to the kinda cute Demodogs, these new figures put an adorable twist on the infamous Upside Down creatures. The new 3.5″ figures will be released as blind boxes available starting November 30, 2022, at

Demopets character chart featuring Eleven, Demogorgon, DemoBat, Mind Flayer, DemoDog, D'art, and DemoDog in Training

Each blind box will cost $12.99, or you can purchase an entire tray of figures for $74.99. This collection follows Stranger Things and Mighty Jaxx July 2022 release of the 8″ Vecna premium, limited edition collectible.

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