‘Stranger Things’ Getting Prequel Comic Focused on One of Eleven’s Fellow Test Subjects

The first comic series for Stranger Things concluded last month and told the story of the first season of the show from the perspective of Will Byers, who spent most of season one trapped in the Upside Down. Today EW is reporting that a new series is currently in the works with the first series’ writer Jody Houser again at the helm, but this time the series will be a prequel of sorts that will explore another of Eleven’s predecessors: Six.

This isn’t Stranger Things’ first foyer into prequel territory. Earlier this month “Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds” was released and explored the backstory of Eleven’s mother Terry Ives and her involvement with Dr. Brenner AKA “Papa.” Another novel has since been announced and we’ve learned that Hopper will also be getting the prequel treatment with “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” which explores his life as a New York City Detective in the late 70’s. The efforts seem to want to further build up on the world of Stranger Things and help us better understand how we got to where we are and better understand who some of these characters are in the series while still moving the show forward. It’s unclear however any of these various mediums will tie together at any point.

The new four-part comic series will follow a character named Francine, AKA “Six” who possesses the power of precognition. Exploited by her parents then later by Dr. Brenner and Hawkins Lab, “Francine’s increasingly disturbing visions show her an opportunity to change her life.”

The first installment of “Stranger Things: Six” will go on sale May 29. Check out one of the covers below, but be sure to head to to see the other variants.

Stranger Things: Six cover variant featuring Francine and Dr. Brenner
(Image: EW)
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