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Super7 Debuts Pre-Code Horror Comics ReAction Figures

Super7 has debuted a new series of ReAction figures inspired by four comic book series from the pre-code comics era.

Before 1954, stories in comic books were only limited by the imaginations of their creators. But with the formation of the Comics Code Authority as a result of widespread outrage about the violence and horror found in the books of the 40s and early 50s, that quickly ended.

Super7 has decided to pay homage to some of these early controversial stories with four new figures inspired by the cover art from issues of “Black Cat Mystery,” “Ghostly Weird Stories,” “Chilling Tales,” and “Baffling Mysteries.”

From “Black Cat Mystery” is Radium Man, an unfortunate soul whose exposure to excessive radiation has melted away parts of his face and hands. The 3.75″ articulated figure and its cardback are inspired by issue #50 of Black Cat Mystery from 1954 and includes a Radium stick accessory.

Pre-Code Horror ReAction Figure Radium Man from Black Cat Mystery
(Image: Super7)

From “Ghostly Weird Stories,” Super7 has selected the tragic outer space death of Commander Ben Woodruff as the inspiration for its next Pre-Code ReAction Figure. The figure is inspired by the cover of issue #122 of “Ghostly Weird Stories” and comes with breathing hoses and a removable cracked helmet.

Pre-Code Horror ReAction Figure Commander Ben Woodruff from Ghostly Weird Stories
(Image: Super7)

From “Chilling Tales,” Super7 has selected the Graveyard Ghoul from issue #13 of this pre-code comic book series. Released in December 1952, this comic tells the story of a Ghoul who desecrates graves.

Pre-Code Horror ReAction Figure Graveyard Ghoul from Chilling Tales
(Image: Super7)

Rounding out Super7’s new Pre-Code ReAction Figures is the Seaweed Monster from issue #7 of Baffling Mysteries. The new 3.75″ articulated figure depicts the monster as if it has just emerged from the murky depths to find a Queen.

Pre-Code Horror ReAction Figure Seaweed Monster from Baffling Mysteries.
(Image: Super7)

The new Pre-Code ReAction Figures are available now from for $20 each, or you can purchase all four of the first wave of figures as a set for $80.

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