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Super7 Releases New Mr. Bones ReAction Figure

Earlier this year, as part of its annual Boodega product release event, Super7 released a ReAction figure inspired by the classic Mr. Bones puzzle candy. The Boodega release featured Mr. Bones in a special glow-in-the-dark motif, but now Super7 has released a new version of the figure with a more traditional look.

Super7’s latest release brings back a classic confection in ReAction Figure form in a patchwork of bright colors inspired by the vintage puzzle candy treat. The figure comes packaged on a themed cardback inspired by the candy’s original display box and comes with a tombstone accessory. The figure is available for purchase on for $20.

Mr. Bones ReAction figure on cardback
(Image: Super7)

Made by Fleer, Mr. Bones was a novelty puzzle candy first released in 1977. The candy was packaged in a plastic coffin filled with candy bones that you could connect, like a puzzle, to create a skeleton. The candy was discontinued in the mid-90s.

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