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Super7 Teases Vampira License with First Figure Arriving This Fall

On Friday, Collectible toymaker Super7 teased a new licensing collaboration with Vampira, the late-night horror hostess persona made famous by the late Maila Nurmi.

Details on the license and plans for it were not announced. However, the image teasing the news was accompanied by the caption, “The Dark Goddess of Horror arrives this fall!”A quick check of online toy retailers uncovered at least one release from the new license. Both Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store have pre-orders available for a Vampira ReAction figure, though no images of the figure are yet available.

Though Vampira graced the television airwaves for just two years, from 1954 to 1955, “The Vampira Show” changed the late-night horror hosting world forever and solidified the character as a spooky pop culture icon.

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