Telltale Announces Three New Seasons for Three of Its Most Beloved Games

Yesterday Telltale Games released its summer update and with it came news of three new seasons for some of the developers most loved games; Batman, Wolf Among Us and the Walking Dead.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Telltale’s take on the Dark Knight returns on August 8 with the first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within.  The next chapter in the Batman Telltale series will continue to test players to see just how much of themselves they are willing to compromise to get the job done and this time they’ll be faced with an all new villain in The Riddler.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

It’s been three years since we last heard from Bigby Wolf and the rest of the cast of characters based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series.  And for nearly all three of those years, fans have begged for more.  This week, Telltale announced that Bigby, Snow and the rest of the residents of Fabletown will return for a second season due to be released in 2018.  The new season will begin a fresh story arc and features the returning voice talents Adam Harrington as Bigby Wolf and Erin Yvette as Snow White.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Since 2012 fans of The Walking Dead The Telltale Series have followed the journey of Clementine and her struggle for survival, her struggle to find family, and her struggle to make it in the world of The Walking Dead.  This week Telltale games has announced the final season of the series in which Clementine embarks on the journey to find who she truly is.  Who does she want to be, who does she want to be with, and how will she act are all decisions players will have to make in the final chapter of the Telltale Walking Dead saga.  The fourth and final season of The Walking Dead The Telltale Series will be released sometime in 2018.

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