Terror Films Presents Jon Bristol’s Puppet Horror Film HEAD!

Charles Band made puppets popular, in the horror genre, with his Puppet Master series. Now, director and writer Jon Bristol is expanding on this sub-genre with the serial killing feature Head!  Recently acquired by Terror Films, HEAD! is set to be released on Friday, July, 13.

HEAD is everything you could want and more in a horror film. It’s an ode to 80’s horror flicks about a group of twenty-somethings on a camping trip. There are hot chicks, sex in tents, a serial killer chopping off heads and victims tied up in trees. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah – all of the characters are puppets!

Unlike the soon to be released Happy Time Murders, there are no signs of humans in HEAD, only puppets. Walking, talking, sex having, shit talking puppets – one by one, they are being murdered by a crazed killer. And as the tag line in the official poster and trailer for HEAD proclaims – “Ain’t Nothing Happy About Dead Puppets.”

The film has created quite a buzz on the film festival circuit. From the creative team at Elmwood Productions, HEAD hit the festival scene back in 2015. HEAD started racking up official selections and multiple festival prizes over the next couple of years including appearances at: LEAFF, Yellow Fever Film Festival, Fantastic Horror Film Festival, Hong Kong Art House Film Festival, Legless Corpse Film Festival, Live Free or Die, Madhouse Movies, Manhattan Independent, Zed Fest, Fear NYC and the Horror Film Fest in Puerto Rico.

The film was directed by Jon Bristol, who penned the script with J.R. Calvo and Brian Woodman and features the voice talents of: Bristol, Manda Vasas, Nick Foreman, Mike Finland, Sally Arlette Garcia and Ben Farley. The film was produced by Rick Passmore and executive produced by Chris Gierowski.

Terror Films will launch the film on several Digital platforms, including Amazon Prime, iTunes, VUDU and Tubi TV. The release will be available in North America, as well as over 40 English speaking countries. Additional Digital platforms will follow, along with a DVD release, at a later date.

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