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The Calavera Caballeros is a Dia de Los Muertos LEGO Delight

If you’ve followed All Hallows Geek for a while, you’ve probably picked up that I’m a fan of the Halloween adjacent holiday, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead.)  The aesthetic of the Mexican holiday and its traditions have always fascinated me, which is why I’ve been such a big fan of movies like The Book of Life, Coco, and the 2013 animated short Dia de los Muertos.  It’s also why I fell in love with a LEGO creation titled “The Calavera Caballeros” by a Russian LEGO builder that goes by the name of Red.

“The Calavera Caballeros” is Red’s entry for round two of Biocup 2018, a LEGO Technic/Bionicle construction tournament being held on Flickr.  The theme for the second round of the competition was Holidays and Red was selected to compete using a Dia de los Muertos sub-theme.  His entry features a pair of skeletal mariachi’s and the craftsmanship is incredible.

The Calavera Caballeros
What I find most fascinating about this piece is that the characters aren’t blocky, the builder consciously used rounded pieces to give the characters a smoother more rounded appearance like an actual skeleton. You can see further details of both characters in the stand-alone images below.

Calavera Caballeros Horn Player
(Photo: redverse)
Calavera Caballeros Guitar Player
(Photo: redverse)

You can view the two entries Red’s piece is competing against here and here.

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