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The Creators Behind Fiendies Spirit Boards Announce Next Projects

Earlier this year I shared that handcrafted occult and spirit board maker Fiendies was calling it quits after a successful four-year run, but that the couple behind the project would be announcing new creative endeavors in the future. That future came today when creators Nicole and Kyle announced not one, but three new projects among the two of them.

The first project, which will be taking over the Fiendies Instagram account upon its grand opening on June 21, 2019, is called “House of Cosmic Notions.” A dream project of Nicole’s House of Cosmic Notions will be a fantasy world revolving around Tarot and the Esoteric Arts with underlying themes of positive thinking, personal growth, and cosmic notions.

“Whilst doing research and practicing the Tarot I started to have vivid dreams at night and creative visions of this alternate Tarot Realm,” wrote Nicole on the announcement Instagram story. “This concept has been floating in my head for some time now and is ready to be brought to light.”

For fans of Fiendies’ dark aesthetic, Nicole does note that the new project will be more colorful, but assures everyone that, “both Light & Shadow will be represented.”

A larger project, Nicole anticipates the full vision for House of Cosmic Notions will not be realized for over a year as it will include a full tarot deck, guide book, and the first volume of lore. However, Nicole has plans for the project while the deck is being worked on with details being revealed during the project’s grand opening on the Summer Solstice.

For those interested in House of Cosmic Notions, you can sign up for the project newsletter, “The Stardust Chronicle,” here.

The second project announced will be a seasonal project for those who fell in love with the Halloween products Fiendies would produce. Under the moniker “Midnight Jamboree,” the project will be a seasonal Halloween shop featuring “Whimsical Frights & Spooky Delights.” The first collection will be revealed on September 28, 2019, but a handful of products are already being teased on the Midnight Jamboree Instagram account. I’d like to put in a request now to bring back the Trick or Treat coin that was available through Fiendies. I never got my hands on one and they sold out during their final sale before I could grab one.

Finally, Kyle has announced he will be combining his passions for the Medieval fantasy aesthetic, MMORPGs, and love of concept crafting for “Eye Keep Gaming,” a Medieval themed entertainment project focusing on positive community building, fantasy inspired merch and Twitch and YouTube gaming entertainment.

You can follow Eye Keep Gaming on Instagram now, with more details to be unveiled soon.

Needless to say, I am super excited for both Nicole and Kyle and their new ventures and based on the talent I saw with their Fiendies project I anticipate we are going to see some great things in the coming year.

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