The Queen Mary Is Getting Its Own Horror Movie

The Queen Mary

If you’ve followed All Hallows Geek for a while, you know by now that the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA has plenty of spooky entertainment built upon the vessels supposedly haunted history. Now the historic ship is getting its very own horror movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dracula Untold Director Gary Shore will helm the project, which will center around husband and wife photographer team Erin and Patrick, who board the ship with their son only to “unleash a series of events that entwines their family with the ship’s dark past.”

According to the film’s synopsis, “As the terror unfolds around the family they begin to realize there is more to this sumptuous ocean liner than meets the eye: its remarkable legacy masking violent secrets. As Erin and Patrick uncover the haunted layers that the vast ship contains, it becomes increasingly clear that there is only one way out for them — to go even deeper.”

The Queen Mary will be the first horror film to be shot on board the actual real-life ship.

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