‘The Twilight Zone’ Reboot Trailer Appears to Feature Homages to Original Series and Other Horror

During the Super Bowl, CBS All Access “disrupted” the big game with a promo for its reboot of “The Twilight Zone,” which took place in an alternate dimension with an empty Mercedes-Benz Stadium with show host and narrator Jordan Peele. Today, CBS All Access released a proper trailer to the series and showcased the star power behind the reboot along with what appear to be homages to the show’s past and the horror genre.

There’s something on the…water?

Perhaps one of the more iconic episodes of the original “Twilight Zone” series was “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” starring William Shatner. In it Shatner exclaims the classic line, “There’s something on the wing!” when he notices a furry creature on the plane’s wing, but is presumed mad when nobody else can see it.

In the still below from the new trailer a stuffed figure of the creature appears to float atop the water. The image in the upper right of the image I pulled from the original “Twilight Zone” episode.

Image from the Twilight Zone reboot trailer with an image from the original series next to it

Come play with us…

Another possible homage appears at various points in the trailer as a small boy rides around on a tricycle through what appears to be the halls of the White House. For fans of The Shining, the shots feel very reminiscent of Danny Torrance riding his tricycle through the halls of the Overlook Hotel in the Stanley Kubrick classic.

A boy riding a tricycle

The new series will launch with two episodes on CBS All Access on Monday, April 1 with subsequent episodes being released on Thursdays beginning April 11. Watch the full new trailer below and let me know if you catch any other “Twilight Zone” or horror homages I may have missed.

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