These “Abandoned Dollhouses” Are Hauntingly Lifelike

Dolls. Let’s all admit they are creepy as fuck.  Its why Living Dead Dolls have been around for as long as they have.  They’re why Annabelle has conjured up so many films and why Chucky is getting his own TV show as well as a reboot.  But for one Texas artist, its not the dolls that will haunt your nightmares, its their houses.  Juli Steel AKA twistedcopperforest on Instagram makes unique dark art, but one of her specialties is what she refers to as “abandoned miniatures.”  Steel takes miniature houses and gives them a haunting makeover to appear as if they have been weathered by the ages, but are trapped in a single moment in time from their eerie past.  On the outside, they just look like run down little houses, but it’s the up close, internal shots of the homes that make her work so creepy.  Check out a video and some stills of her work below:

If you fancy an “abandoned miniature” of your own or any of her other horror art creations Steel commented in one of her posts that they appear on her Etsy shop whenever they become available for purchase or local pickup.

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