This Tropical Skeleton Dance Theme For PS4 Is Perfect For Those Who Love Summer As Much As They Do Halloween

Playstation themes are a great way to customize the background and menus on your Playstation console.  If you browse the theme library you’ll find a mix of awesome and awful themes, and then, there are those themes that are so bad they’re good.  The Tropical Skeleton Dance Dynamic Theme is just that.

Featuring three skeletons on a tropical beach dancing to an island beat, this theme is hypnotizing.  So much so that when I discovered it in a Reddit thread I rewatched the theme demo probably half a dozen times.  If you love summer and the beach and you love Halloween, this is the perfect theme to get you through until Halloween season, and at just $2.99 its worth all the hours of joy this theme will bring you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your PS4 console with this awesome theme you can purchases it in the Playstation Store here.

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