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Turns Out Rochelle From The Craft Is An Actual Witch

Well, that’s not entirely true.  But in a recent LA Weekly article it was revealed that Rachel True, the actress who played Rochelle in The Craft, is now a tarot reader in Echo Park.  Turns out True was into magic long before she scored the role of Rochelle in the film.

According to the article True has a gift for being able to tap into people’s energy.  “The [tarot] cards … help me articulate the situation; and then I use my intuition to kind of springboard off of that,” explains True in the article.  She first discovered her gift while living in New York City as a child, but learned to turn it off after it became too overwhelming.

After pursuing a career as an actress, True learned to embrace her witchy ways.  “Instead of kind of feeling sorry for myself or fighting against it, I just jumped into my tarot studies and kept notebooks and really got to know the cards, and the combinations and things like that,” True explains in the article.  Shortly thereafter, True would discover the script for The Craft through a friend, and the rest is history.

Today True conducts tarot readings at House of Intuition, a metaphysical shop located off Sunset Boulevard.  “Over the years, through a combination of study, practice, tapping into what Jung called the collective consciousness and tuning into the intuition we all possess, the symbols of the tarot began to reveal subconscious patterns to me and show paths opening up possibilities,” True shares on the House of Intuition website.

“The symbolism and archetypes are a mirror for today and a compass for the future. They help clarify what’s happening when you can’t, and what that future might look like for different potential paths you may choose. Tarot sheds light on the grey areas, in a way similar to a psychology session.

Tarot shows you the here and now, and future options based on present choices. It gives insight as to how to shape the future, which by nature, is in a constant state of becoming, its fluidity influenced by our actions or inaction.”

While the House of Intuition website doesn’t list prices for True’s readings, Kristen Lepore, the author of the LA Weekly piece shared in her article that she spent $40 for a 15-minute private reading.

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