Veronica Will Join the Archie Horror Universe as Vampironica in 2018

I was never a fan of the Archie comics. I could appreciate their place in comics history, but the stories and artwork were simply just too bubbly for my liking.  That said when the Archie Horror line of comics debuted in 2013 with Afterlife With Archie, that changed.  The Archie line of horror comics, which has since expanded to include Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Jughead: The Hunger brings Riverdale’s most famous residents into a much darker, much bloodier universe.  Next year, that universe will grow even more with the addition of Archie Horror’s latest series, Vampironica.

Vampironica variant cover by Francesco Francavilla
Vampironica #1 variant cover by Francesco Francavilla

Written by the brother-and-sister team Greg and Megan Smallwood, the new series finds Riverdale socialite Veronica contending with the struggles of being turned into a vampire while keeping up with her social status.

“Fans can rest assured that we’ll be staying faithful to the core of these characters,” Greg Smallwood told io9. “It was very important to Megan and I that Vampironica be the same Veronica that we all know and love, only now with fangs. Realistically, how would a narcissistic teenage shopaholic react to becoming a vampire? We found an equal amount of humor and horror in the answer to that question but the story also takes us to some amazingly heartfelt places.”

Vampironica #1 is due out March 14, 2018.

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