WATCH: All The ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’ Teasers That Debuted During the Super Bowl

Harold from the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark movie poster

If you watched today’s big game, you were in for some spooky treats. In addition to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Killer Skin” ad for Olay, CBS Films debuted four new teasers for Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, the all-new feature film based on the iconic children’s book series.

Based on the movie poster, which was released last week, we knew “Harold” would likely be a part of the film, but the 15-second spots teased four additional stories, including “The Red Spot,”The Pale Lady,” and “The Big Toe,” the fourth teaser released was titled “Jangly Man,” which I personally don’t remember from the series. In each teaser, we get a brief glimpse of the monster from the story, all of which have a splendid likeness to their original illustrations.

You can watch a compilation of all the teasers below.

More than just an anthology of stories, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will take place in in the small town of Mill Valley in 1968 and follow a group of young teens trying to solve the mystery behind a string of sudden macabre murders.


It’s l968 in America. Change is blowing in the wind…but seemingly far removed from the unrest in the cities is the small town of Mill Valley where for generations, the shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large. It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time—stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah’s terrifying tome.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is not yet rated and will hit theaters on August 9, 2019.

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