[WATCH] ‘The Banana Splits’ Horror Film from SYFY Gets Official Trailer

Remember earlier this year when I shared that “The Banana Splits” was being turned into a horror film by SYFY? Well, this week they released the first trailer for the film and its definitely The Banana Splits as you remember them and its definitely a horror film…

The new trailer gives us a bit more of an idea of how everything goes down in the new film. The original synopsis didn’t give us much to work with, but from what I gather from the trailer, The Banana Splits are pissed because they are getting cancelled. What’s not clear though is if these are people in suits going on a killing spree or some sort of Five Nights At Freddy’s-like animatronics. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the film premieres later this year on SYFY.

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