Werewolf Western ‘High Moon’ Coming to VOD and Digital This May

High Moon, the genre-bending mash-up of action and horror with a western-vibe from writer/director Josh Ridgeway is set to hit VOD and Digital platforms May 14th, 2019.

Described as “BLADE from the old west,” High Moon stars Chad Michael Collins as Colt, a mysterious gunslinger from the Old West who returns from the grave to stop a bloodthirsty gang of werewolves from terrorizing a small town in the present day.

His life mysteriously restored, Colt soon discovers that the “howlers” terrorizing the town are the same band of lycanthropes who murdered his wife in the 1800’s and who he had previously vanquished. They too have been mysteriously resurrected and now it’s Colt’s job to hunt them down.

Crossing paths with a beautiful widow (Chelsea Edmundson), a skeptical sheriff (Matthew Tompkins), and a morally bankrupt mayor (Sean Patrick Flanery) Colt must face off with the bloodthirsty creatures once again while trying to navigate a completely changed modern world.

For those who prefer a physical copy of their films, a summer DVD release of the film is planned.

For the latest on High Moon, visit the High Moon website, or follow the film on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

High Moon film poster
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