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You Could Be the Next Owner of a Victorian Era Vampire Defense Kit

If you’re a lover of vampires and would like to get your hands on an authentic 19th-century vampire defense kit, then International Military Antiques has just the item for you. A one-of-a-kind Vampire Defense Kit.

A purple velvet lined vampire defense kit with all of its tools displayed
(Image: IMA)

Originally belonging to English painter Sir Philip William Burne-Jones, the kit includes nearly everything you could think of to ward off vampires: wooden stakes, a crucifix, mirror, rosary and more. The kit also includes two small pocket pistols that shoot silver bullets, something that has since come to be more associated with werewolves than vampires.

Burne-Jones was a well-known painter in his time and produced more than 60 paintings, with the most famous being ironically named, The Vampire. It is believed the kit was predominantly used as a conversation piece among London socialites. The kit was likely toted around as entertainment for social circles that included the godfather of vampires, “Dracula” author, Bram Stoker. However, it is believed the kit pre-dates the novel.

The kit has already garnered a bit of notoriety, as it recently appeared on an episode of History Channel’s Pawn Stars, where Gold & Silver Pawn Shop wound up paying $16,000 for the kit that was originally obtained in an estate sale. In the episode the kit was valued at $25,000 to upwards of $30,000 by Alex Cranmer, CEO of International Military Antiques, the company now selling the kit online for $24,995.00.

If you want to buy the kit, see more photos, or just learn more about it you can check out the listing on

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