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zerocool and Stranger Things Team Up for New Butcher Billy Artist Series Collectible Trading Cards

zerocool x Stranger Things: Butcher Billy Artist Series collectible trading cards

zerocool and Stranger Things have teamed up to release a new series of exclusive trading cards that are available now on The new card series features all your favorite characters from “Stranger Things 4,” along with exclusive Butcher Billy Artist Series cards.

The new cards are being sold in exclusive boxes through the Netflix shop. Each box features four packs of cards, and each pack features eight cards. There are a total of 18 different characters represented in the new set of cards, with a chance for rare numbered foilboard parallels.

The Butcher Billy Artist Series cards feature 14 different season 4 chapter posters, including all-new, never before seen posters. These cards will also have available rare numbered foilboard parallels, preliminary art variants, and cards autographed by Butcher Billy himself.

The series also features nine lenticular cards featuring Lucas, Robin, Erica, Dustin, Max, Eleven, Steve, and Nancy, in their battle against Vecna from the season finale.

The only downside to the cards is that the four-pack box will set you back $50. If you do the math, that’s $12.50 a pack and approximately $1.56 a card. That said, these cards look amazing.

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