A Couple Made A Horror Movie to Reveal The Gender Of Their Baby

Gender reveals.  For expecting couples they’re all the rage these days.  From blasting guests with blue or pink silly string to revealing a slew of pink or blue balloons, parents are always looking for new or creative ways to tell their friends and family whether they’re having a boy or a girl.  But a Los Angeles couple has upped the ante quite a bit thanks to a new gender reveal horror film.

Gavin and Judy Holt are expecting their second child and wanted to reveal the gender in a very special way, that special way came in the form of The Sequel: Gender Reveal, a four-minute long film that turns something that’s usually bright and cheery into something dark and scary.

This isn’t the first attempt the L.A. based wedding photographers have made at showcasing the horrors of parenting. In 2015 the couple announced their first child by way of a horror film.  Overall the films are super creative, I just wish they’d gotten a little more creative with the naming.

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