‘AsHes’—Horror Game Inspired by Chinese Folklore Launching on Steam Eary Access Next Week

Yanmo Games have announced that “AsHes,” a new open-world survival action-adventure game featuring themes inspired by Chinese horror folklore, will launch on Steam Early Access on June 24.

Being developed by Live Studio and published by Yanmo Games, “AsHes” takes players on an enthralling journey through the depths of the Underworld. As a young boy, you eagerly listened to your grandmother’s stories about ghosts, ghouls, a mysterious place called YaoShan, the cursed Yin Ruins, and the tragic tale of the Liu family. You always treated them as thrilling fairytales told by a superstitious old woman until you were old enough to notice all the misfortune that has plagued your family. As you dig into your family history, you soon discover that there’s more to your beloved grandmother’s stories than you thought.

You’re the only one who can lift your family’s curse. Set out on a journey following clues left by your deceased grandmother to find YaoShan. Of course, like every young, ambitious, and naïve boy, you’re completely unprepared for the horrors lurking beneath the thousand-year-old story…

With online and LAN co-op, players will traverse eerie landscapes, encounter various ghosts, and follow their stories. Some ghosts you meet must be vanquished, while others avoided. Utilize the environment and resources and cooperate with other players to enhance your chances of survival. Surviving in this underworld demands courage and cunning, as danger lurks around every corner. Search for food, build shelters, and craft weapons to stay alive.

“AsHes” is available to wishlist on Steam now.

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