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Blood Drenched LEGO Bricks Make a For Tiny Horror Scene

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out I love LEGOs.  I grew up with thousands of the little bricks and would build castles and spacecraft and little villages regularly.  As an adult, I still buy a number of LEGO sets, but don’t have the time to put the effort into my own creations, which is why I love it when LEGO builders like Heikki M create something totally unique and lifelike out of tiny plastic bricks.

In a piece called “Oh God, no…” Heikki created a blood-soaked scene that looks like it could be a still from a horror film or even featured as the poster for the film.  Using LEGO bricks and leftover fake blood from his 2017 Halloween party, Heikki created a haunting image of a hallway where someone clearly escaped the terrors of whatever is in the dark behind the white door.  I particularly love this piece not only for the work itself but for the camera work, which gives it that true horror feel.

Oh God, no...
You can view this and a number of Heikki’s other works on his Flickr.

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