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LEGO Stores Are Holding a Special Halloween Building Event on October 14

Something wicked is heading to your local LEGO Store just in time for Halloween.  The LEGO Store will be holding a special Halloween building event on October 14 in addition to its typical monthly VIP mini model builds.

The event, which is intended for children ages 6-14, will allow kids to build and take home their very own Halloween-themed witch model.  To attend, parents must register for the event in-store and registration is on a first come first serve basis with quantities limited.

Image of the witch model for the 2017 LEGO Halloween Building Event

If you can’t make the event or don’t live near a LEGO Store, I did discover that this particular build was a Monthly Minibuild in 2013 and the instructions are available online.  With these instructions, you could use your own LEGO bricks to build the model, or you could purchase the “replacement pieces” needed to build it for less than $5.

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