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LEGO Reveals at New York Toy Fair That Hidden Side AR Experience Will Have a Special Halloween Event

Last week I shared with you that LEGO announced an new series called Hidden Side, which mixed traditional LEGO building with augmented reality to haunt eight new sets, which are due to be released this August. During a demonstration at this weekends New York Toy Fair, LEGO Senior Product Leader Murray Andrews revealed to The Brothers Brick that the augmented reality experience would have a special Halloween event launching this Halloween season.

Before we dive into the details of the Halloween event, let’s go over the basics of the Hidden Side LEGO concept. Kids and adults alike will first build a LEGO set the way they usually do, but then by downloading and using the new Hidden Side app, they’ll be able to bring the sets to life and explore an augmented reality world to find “points of possession.” These points of possession will uncover hidden ghosts, and in some cases require you to make changes to the physical set in order to bring the ghost out of hiding. Once revealed, you’ll have the opportunity to hopefully find and capture the ghost.

So now that we understand the premise of the new sets, let’s unpack what Andrews said about the Hidden Side product experience moving forward. “We’re going to continue to enhance the experience through new content and new ghosts and special events,” said Andrews when talking to The Brothers Brick. “At Halloween there will be a special event where Jack and Parker [These are the characters the new series is built around] will send you a text message through the app and say, ‘We found these Halloween themed ghosts that you can only find during Halloween, so go back into your sets and hunt those ghosts down.'” The special events will ensure there is extended replay value with the sets as well as the new AR app.

The Brothers Brick captured a nearly 20 minute demonstration of the new sets, including how the sets transform and the AR experience. Check out the entire video below!

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