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First Five of LEGO’s Hidden Side Sets Revealed

LEGO Hidden Side Augmented Reality Sets

LEGO has unveiled five of the eight Hidden Side sets that are slated to be released later this year. The augmented reality (AR) sets were announced earlier this year and feature a new play theme, which combines traditional LEGO building with an AR app that brings the models to life revealing a hidden world of interactive mysteries and challenges to solve.

LEGO Hidden Side Boat

The LEGO Hidden Side Boat looks straight out of a Scooby Doo cartoon. The 310 piece set comes complete with a tentacle wielding ship captain and an albino alligator and is expected to retail for $29.99 in the U.S.

LEGO 70419 Hidden Side – Boat

LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard

The LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard was one of the sets that was on display at this year’s New York Toy Fair and one of the sets we shared a demo from earlier this year. The Graveyard is 335 pieces and will retail for $29.99.

LEGO 70420 Hidden Side – Graveyard

LEGO Hidden Side Truck

The LEGO Hidden Side Truck features the “El Fuego” lifted truck that appears to be decked out in what I can only assume is ghost hunting equipment. The 428 piece set also features two Ghost Rider-like apparitions on a motorcycle. The set is expected to retail for $39.99.

LEGO 70421 Hidden Side – Truck

LEGO Hidden Side Train

The LEGO Hidden Side Train is one of the cooler looking new sets, in my opinion. Featuring a monster train and spooky train stop, this set looks like it will be a lot of fun. With what appears to be a ghost containment system and a pair of train themed ghosts, this 698 piece set is expected to retail for $89.99.

LEGO 70424 Hidden Side – Train

LEGO Hidden Side High School

Another of the sets that was teased at this year’s Toy Fair is also one of the largest sets, the high school. With nearly 1,500 pieces this set is going to cost you a bit, retailing at $129.99, but the ability to transform from normal high school to monster high school looked really impressive in the demo’s at Toy Fair and this set is going to be well worth the cost.

LEGO 70424 Hidden Side – High School

There are three sets that have still yet to be revealed, which include the Bus, the Diner, and the Lab. Hopefully, we’ll see the final sets soon as the Hidden Side Augmented Reality Theme sets are scheduled to hit stores on August 1.

h/t: The Brothers Brick

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