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The Castle Byers Build from the LEGO ‘Stranger Things’ Premiere Event is Coming to a LEGO Store Near You

Castle Byers LEGO

When LEGO premiered their “Stranger Things” The Upside Down Deluxe Playset at its London and New York stores last month attendees were treated to a special take-home LEGO build of Castle Byers, the fort where Will Byers hid out in The Upside Down during season one to avoid the Demogorgon. Instructions for the build showed up online shortly after the event, but now fans who couldn’t attend one of the in-store premiere events will have the chance to build it for themselves when the LEGO Store holds a special in-store building event later this month.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, LEGO Stores will hold an exclusive “Stranger Things” Castle Byers building event. You must be 15 years of age or older to participate and registration for the event is required. To participate you must register in-store at your local LEGO Store. Space is limited, so you’ll want to register soon.

Not sure where your local LEGO Store is? You can search here:

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