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Build Your Own BrickHeadz Brick-o-Lantern with LEGO & Check Out Some Other Exciting Horror BrickHeadz Creations

Instagrammer stormythos has been busy this year. Since July he has created 68 different BrickHeadz figures based on characters from The Legend of Zelda, Power Rangers, the Marvel and DC Universes and more. But as we got into the Halloween season he turned his attention to spookier, seasonal characters and rounded out the month with builds of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and a special Brick-o-Lantern, which he provided instructions for.

According to his Q&A on Instagram, stormythos¬†began building BrickHeadz this year and has made the creations using LEGO’s Digital Designer and BrickLink’s Studio2 to make his creations. You can check out all of his spooky creations below and you can download the directions for his special Brick-o-Lantern creation (also featured below) here. The Brick-o-Lantern can be built using parts from the LEGO Go Brick Me BrickHeadz Set.

All these creations have me wanting to check out the software mentioned by stormythos to make a few of my own.

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