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Cartoon Network Releases 12-Minute Super Cut of Songs Performed by Marceline in ‘Adventure Time’

Marceline performing "Slow Dance" on Adventure Time

It doesn’t come up much on All Hallows Geek because its not really horror or Halloween related, but I’m actually a die-hard “Adventure Time” fan and of the series Marceline the Vampire Queen is by far my favorite character. Over the show’s eight-year run, the bass playing vampire had a number of musical numbers and today Cartoon Network released a supercut of all 17 of her songs, and since she’s a vampire, I figured it was worth a share here on All Hallows Geek.

What I loved most about Marceline’s songs is that they always had such strong melodies and gorgeous vocals but more times than not the lyrics were either super depressing or were about ripping out someone’s throat.

Check out the the video below.

Which songs are your favorite? My personal favs are “Fries,” “I Remember You,” “I’m Just Your Problem,” “Fisherman,” “Not Just Your Little Girl,” “Francis Forever,” “Slow Dance,”

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