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Week 2 Halloween 2018 Playlist: Songs That Don’t Suck – A Vampire Themed Playlist

It’s Sunday, which means its time for another one of my themed Halloween playlists for 2018. Last week I shared a playlist with 13 songs perfect for partying to during the witching hours. This week I went with my favorite creature of the night, the Vampire. These 13 new tracks all stem from a lot of the core genres I listen to including Goth, Emo and EDM and also include a few tracks I enjoy from vampire cinema, such as Carfax Abbey’s take on “Cry Little Sister,” from The Lost Boys, Kidneythieves’ “Before I’m Dead,” which was featured in 2002’s Queen of the Damned, and finally “Eyes on Fire,” by Blue Foundation, which was featured in the first Twilight film.

If you’re throwing a vampire party this year or simply have a sudden thirst for blood, throw this playlist on in the background and party into the night. Just make sure you’re in bed before the sun comes up.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s playlist. Be sure to come back next Sunday for my next installment, which is sure to be quite haunting. Do you have a favorite vampire song I didn’t include on the playlist, let me know in the comments or share it with me on social media!

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