Week 3 Halloween 2018 Playlist: Music From Regions Beyond – A Ghostly Playlist

I spent this weekend camping at Calico Ghost Town for their Halloween event. While I was there I took part in all of their usual haunts but also had the opportunity to experience one of their ghost tours, which talked a lot about the town’s history as well as the various paranormal experiences people have experienced at the location. With ghosts on the mind, I figured this week would be fun to create a bit of a haunting playlist around the theme of ghosts.

If you’re throwing a ghost-themed party or just want some ghostly tracks to play in the background while passing out candy on Halloween I present to you Music From Regions Beyond!

If you’ve missed the first two week’s playlists be sure to go back and check out Hocus Pocus, a witch-themed playlist and Songs That Don’t Suck – A Vampire Themed Playlist

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