Cartoon-Network’s 2018-2019 Lineup Has Plenty of Weird In Store To Get Excited About

If there is one thing my kids and I have bonded over through the years other than video games, its Cartoon Network’s stellar lineup of shows.  From Adventure Time to Steven Universe and everything in between, there’s been very little programming that Cartoon Network has put out that we haven’t been fans of.  Which is why I was so excited this week when Cartoon Network announced a ton of all new content.  While not all of the new shows register on the creepy scale, there are definitely some things in the works to be excited about that I thought I’d share.

Craig of the Creek

Co-created by Steven Universe alums Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, Craig of the Creek will make its television debut with a special double premiere on March 30.  While this show didn’t give me a spooky vibe, it definitely has elements that fans of IT or Goonies will appreciate.

Craig of the Creek follows the adventures of 10-year-old Craig and his friends as they set out on imaginative adventures in a wooded stretch of suburban wilderness known as the Creek.

Though the show doesn’t premiere until March 30, you can already watch an episode on demand via the Cartoon Network app, or VOD.  New episodes will air every Friday following the March 30 premiere.

Victor and Valentino

If Gravity Falls and Coco had a love child, then perhaps this is what it would look like.  Created by Diego Molano, this new animated series follows the adventures of two half-brothers who spend a summer with their grandma in Monte Macabre, a small and mysterious town, with an interesting connection to the land of the dead.  Victor and Valentino is expected to premiere sometime later this year, but you can watch the first mini-episode below.

Infinity Train

Born of the popular original short, which you can watch below, Infinity Train has a bizarreness to it that reminds me a lot of some of my favorite shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time.  Filled with robot sidekicks, talking train elements and a kingdom of corgi’s, the original short was plenty weird.

Created by Owen Dennis, the series follows a young girl named Tulip who has found herself stranded on a train where each train car opens a door to another world or experience.  Infinity Train will debut in 2019.

Returning Series

If you’re a fan of existing Cartoon Network shows, there is still plenty in store for you.  Following the success of the Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup Pack, Cartoon Network and Mojang will be expanding their partnership with an original Minecraft episode of Adventure Time set to premiere sometime in the summer.  The episode will be titled “Diamonds and Lemons” and will find Finn and his friends united as they dig for treasure and fend off enemies.

Additionally, The Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears will both air Halloween specials this year.

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