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Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Hocus Pocus’ with this Self-Guided Tour of its Filming Locations

Map pinpointing locations used in Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has been getting a lot of buzz with the film celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It got its own panel at Midsummer Scream,  the Sanderson Sisters got their own Pop! figures, and there has been merch, merch, and more merch.  But if you want to celebrate the film’s anniversary with a special experience, you might be interested in a Salem, Massachusetts self-guided tour created by Life at Cloverhill blogger Amanda Gordon around the time of the film’s 20th anniversary.

Gordon refers to the tour as a “walking tour” however a quick Google maps run of the locations reveals that some of these are definitely not within walking distance of each other, so you’d likely need to plan ahead and travel by car or similar form to hit some of these locations. Gordon created the tour after a trip to Salem in October 2013 and it features half a dozen locations used in the film, including Max and Dani’s house, Allison’s house, Old Town Hall, Thackery’s village, John Bailey High School, and the cemetery used for daytime filming in the movie.

Fortunately, most of the locations in the film are already tourist attractions and are either historic locations, museums, or the like. Only Max and Dani’s home is a private residence, so if you embark on the tour you’ll want to be respectful of that fact.  The full list of locations can be found here, on Life at Cloverhill.

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