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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ‘The Lost Boys’ With A Self-Guided Tour of Nine of Its Filming Locations

Santa Cruz, California was the backdrop for the 1987 film, “The Lost Boys.”  Called “Santa Carla” in the film, the City of Santa Cruz is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film by offering visitors a map to take a self-guided tour some of the locations used in the film.

The map includes eight locations that were used in the film (the ninth is a trestle bridge that just so happens to look like the one used in the film) from the Boardwalk’s Looff Carousel to the comic book shop. This is definitely a fun summer getaway for fans of this vampire classic or those looking to relive their teenage vampire fantasies.  The map was produced by the Santa Cruz County Film Comission and is available as a mobile guide, which is optimized for mobile phones and has links to get directions to each location, as well as a PDF version with additional information about the film and the locations used.

The City of Santa Cruz kicked off their Lost Boys celebration on June 21st with a special screening of the film on the beach, however they’ll be screening it again on Main Beach on October 14 at 7:00 p.m. if you’re intersted in heading to Santa Cruz for a fall getaway.

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