Coca-Cola Releases Details on ‘Stranger Things’ Sip & Scan® Promotion

Stranger Things 3 poster with Coke logo

When Coca-Cola announced its partnership with Netflix to bring back New Coke, they also announced a number of other promotional tie ins with season three of Stranger Things. Today, Coke released further details on their “Stranger Things” sip & scan®, which gives fans a chance at winning “Stranger Things” themed prizes.

To play, fans just need to scan the sip & scan® icon on any specially-marked “Stranger Things” Coca-Cola products for a chance at winning things like a signed “Stranger Things t-shirt, exclusive signed poster, “Stranger Things” mug, retro “Stranger Things” lunchbox, or if you play within the first few days, you have a chance at winning a trip to the “Stranger Things” Season 3 Premiere.

Fans will also get the opportunity to unlock exclusive content related to the upcoming season of the Netflix Original Series. For more details on the promotion or to submit a free online entry visit: https://us.coca-cola.com/strangerthings/

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