E3 2019: Netflix Shares Further Details on the Upcoming ‘Stranger Things 3’ Video Game

During their first appearance at E3, Netflix shared details about some of their aspirations to get into gaming to enhance and expand on the worlds their fans have come to love. During today’s E3 Coliseum panel, Netflix shared further details and shared some gameplay footage of the highly anticipated “Stranger Things 3” game, which was announced earlier this year.

During the E3 panel, Dave Pottinger, president of BonusXP, the developer behind the upcoming game explained that with “Stranger Things 3” as well as the recently announced “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics,” they set out to create what they call “Season-plus-plus content” meaning that players get content from the show, but just as much, if not more unique content in the game.

Based on the presentation we saw that the game can be played as a local, split-screen co-op where players can drop-in and out at any time. Players will be able to select from 12 different characters that you can switch between at any time to leverage their specific abilities. For instance, during the demonstration, Dustin was used for his hacking capabilities.

"Stranger Things 3 The Game" party screen

Of the characters revealed thus far, the original gameplay trailer featured Hopper and Joyce. Today’s gameplay footage featured Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. Later in the presentation, Netflix and BonusXP also unveiled Max as a playable character as well as Eleven.

Each character has their own unique attack and abilities. From the gameplay footage, we learned the most about Lucas’s abilities. From it we learned he will have a wrist rocket attack and has a cherry bomb ability that deals fire damage to an area and also has an ability to explode boulders. Dustin’s primary attack is a hairspray attack and Mike appears to use a baseball bat as his primary attack. Max’s primary attack will be a kick and her special ability will be as a medic that can heal the party. Eleven’s primary attack will be a psychic push with a special “Nuke” ability, which delivers a broader overall blow to the enemies around her.

Eleven and her abilities from the "Stranger Things 3" video game

The game will feature main story and side quests built around the events of season 3 of the Netflix Original Series. Completing quests will reward you with “Trinkets” that once equipped give a bonus to the characters and the party. During the gameplay footage and new character reveals, we got a glimpse into some of the trinkets that will be available.

During the gameplay footage, Mike earned the “Evil Eye” trinket, which gives Mike a taunt ability that lets him resist attacks while weakening enemies. We also got a glimpse at one of Dustin’s trinkets, the “Rock’em Sock’em” which lets use a robot to deal 50 extra shock damage to his enemies. Max can unlock a trinket called “Hot Foot” which deals extra fire damage when she kicks and Eleven will have “Thinking Cap” which increases her Psychic Push and decreases the amount of energy needed for her Nuke ability.

“Stranger Things 3” the game will be released simultaneously with “Stranger Things 3” on Netflix on July 4, 2019. The game will be available on Windox PC Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

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