There Is Finally An Official ‘Stranger Things’ Video Game

Stranger Things has built it’s entire legacy on 80’s nostalgia, and yet video games, a huge piece of 80’s popular culture, haven’t been part of the show’s promotional efforts.  Sure, earlier this year we  got an 8-bit runner game featuring Mike Wheeler, but that game featured characters from various Netflix Originals and not just Stranger Things.  Earlier this week, Netflix filled that void by releasing Stranger Things: The Game.

Available in the App Store or Google Play Store, the official mobile game from Netflix and BonusXP features Hopper and the rest of the Stranger Things gang an all-new adventure. Stranger Things: The Game is a 16-bit adventure game where players have to solve puzzles using the unique abilities of each character.  The game features recognizable locations from the show like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins lab as well as a number of all new locations to explore.  Collect Eggos and Gnomes along the way and discover what they might unlock. Rumor has it you can even unlock never-before-seen-footage from Season 2. I know I’ll be downloading this and putting a few hours toward it this weekend. How about you?

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