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Cryptozoic Announces the Release Of New Viny Terrorz: Freddy Krueger Figures

Cryptozoic and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have announced the release of the new Viny Terrorz: Freddy Krueger vinyl figure. The 7-inch first figure in Cryptozoic’s new horror-themed Vinyl Terrorz line depicts the villain from the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series with his iconic glove, fedora and burned face.

Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger
(Image: Cryptozoic)

“In creating our new Vinyl Terrorz collectibles line, we knew that an enduring horror icon like Freddy Krueger was the perfect choice for the first figure,” said Amanda Barker, Associate Product Manager at Cryptozoic. “Our goal was to capture the different aspects that have made him the stuff of nightmares for over 30 years. We started with his terrifying facial features and glove and then worked in all the other little details that make him distinctly Freddy.”

Designed by Austin Haynes and sculpted by John Muniz, the 7-inch figure comes inside a display-worthy window box.

In addition to the standard Viny Terrorz: Freddy Krueger, which will be released to retailers nationwide, there will be two exclusive variants.

The first exclusive, Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger Shadow Edition will be available directly through Cryptozoic and features a blackened Freddy with metallic blood-red eyes, hat, teeth, and shirt accents. The figure will be limited to an edition of 350 and is available for pre-order through the Cryptozoic eStore for $40.

Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger Shadow Edition
(Image: Cryptozoic)

The second variant, which is exclusive to Hot Topic, is a Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger Skull Variant, which features a skull face inspired by the scene in the first A Nightmare on Elm Street film in which Freddy’s face is pulled off by one of his victims. The figure will be sold exclusively in Hot Topic stores for $29.99.

Hot Topic exclusive Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger Skull Variant
(Image: Cryptozoic)

The new figures are expected to be released sometime next month.

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