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Death Wish Cofee’s Valentine’s Day 2019 Mug To Feature Frankenstein’s Monster and His Bride

Death Wish Coffee Undying Love Mug

Since 2014, Death Wish Coffee has been releasing collectible coffee mugs through their partnership with the craftspeople at Deneen Pottery and for Valentine’s Day 2019 the design is sure to excite fans of horror. This year, Death Wish Coffee is releasing their “Undying Love” mug, featuring Frankenstein’s monster and his bride.

Inspired by The Bride of Frankenstein, this Valentine’s Day inspired mug features a medallion with Frankenstein’s monster and his bride with a modified version of the Death Wish Coffee wording around it with stitched up hearts instead of coffee beans.

The tankard holds 16+ ounces of coffee and will come in a green glaze. The release date has not yet been revealed, but you can sign up here for updates or text MUGS to 484848 to be notified when the mug comes to life…

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