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Distortions Unlimited Releases 2021 Halloween Props & Animatronics Video Catalog

Halloween manufacturers Distortions Unlimited released a video catalog of its 2021 Halloween props and animatronics this week, highlighting a selection of its 2021 releases.

The video features Distortions new Halloween 2021 products such as Pumpkin Stalker, Grizzly Gourd, Zombie Killer, Dragon Legends Wall Hanging, Affliction, Vampire Legend display, Butler standing prop, and the previously revealed life-sized Edgar Allan Poe prop.

The Pumpkin Stalker stands over 8-feet tall and features a flickering LED light that lights up its head, eyes, and mouth. The prop features posable arms and features a giant 7-foot wingspan. Handcrafted and painted at Distortions Unlimited, the Pumpkin Stalker is made of foam-filled latex skin with a metal armature and stand.

Grizzly Gourd is available as a Frightronic animated prop as well as a static prop. Both props feature an LED flickering flame light that illuminates the head, eyes, and mouth. The animated prop features a heavy-duty motor that allows the Grizzly Gourd to move, rock, and twist back and forth.

Also available as both an animated and static prop is Zombie Killer. The animated Zombie Killer features a moving arm that moves a plastic knife in a stabbing motion toward his undead foe.

The Distortions Unlimited Dragon Legends Wall Hanging blows “smoke and fire” via the included fog machine and LED light that fits inside the dragon’s head. Sculpted by artist Tom Cassidy, this piece is crafted out of durable latex skin, foam-filled, and available in six different colors, black, blue, green, orange, red, and white.

Affliction, the creepy demon-possessed girl, is available as both a static and animated Halloween prop. Sculpted by Jordu Schell, the animated prop’s head spins with controlled movement and comes in a sitting position with a flashing light for effect and scary audio.

The static Affliction prop stands 4.5-feet tall and is crafted of latex and a foam-filled armature and features bendable arms and neck to pose the prop.

The Vampire Legend, Butler, and Edgar Allan Poe props are all static poseable props that stand over six feet tall. Each prop is hand-painted and made of latex and foam with an armature inside.

You can see all of Distortions 2021 props and animatronics and order your very own at DistortionsUnlimited.com. More props are expected to be revealed in the coming months, with this batch of props expected to begin shipping in late May.

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