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Jack-O-Lantern’s Get Their Revenge With New Prop from Distortions Unlimited

This week Distortions Unlimited unveiled another new for 2022 Halloween prop, “Jack Is Back.”

The all-new prop stands over six feet tall and is made to look like a killer pumpkin, complete with pumpkin guts, seeds, and goop on its knife, face, and coveralls. Made of latex and foam with an internal armature, this prop features bendable, posable arms and head and an LED light that makes its eyes glow.

Jack is Back Halloween prop
(Image: Distortions Unlimited)

The new prop is currently available from Distortions Unlimited at a discounted rate of $459 through February 5, 2022. After that, it will set you back $524.

“Jack” seems to be a common theme for Distortions props this year. Earlier this month, Distortions released its giant spider and jack-o-lantern hybrid, Jack Widow. For more images of Jack Is Back or to buy your very own, visit DistortionsUnlimited.com.

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